Utilizing My Bike

Utilizing My Bike
Noble post bike ride

Today, I decided to take Noble out for a bike ride. I used my hands free leash so that we wouldn’t wreck if he saw a gopher or something. He was happy as all get out to be doing something that would require his leash.

I pulled my bike out and got on with Noble on my right side. As soon as I started peddling, Noble switch to my left side. When I’m out in town, I like Noble on my left side so that he’s between me and people passing.

Him being on my left side was not gonna work because he would be vulnerable to t


raffic. So, I made “stay right” a command. With this command, I was able to have him stay on my right side while riding and while I was turning. He was most tempted to switch sides when we were turning, so I had to remind him of the command.
All in all, the ride was pretty darn good. We went about two miles, and the last stretch was him pulling me after a fox. Yes… That was probably a bad thing to let hi do, but I was tired and glad to be coasting. If you are like me and just too lazy to go for a walk with your dog, I would suggest utilizing that bike that’s hidden in your garage.


I’m Still Here!

I’m Still Here!
The face of intelligence… 

You guys probably think I have fallen off the face of the Earth. But I am here to assure you that I have not. I’ve been struggling with some life issues, so I haven’t found the time to write anything. Until now…

I have been in and out of the hospital the past few months, but Noble is still doing awesome. Everytime i come home, I’m dreading the fact that Noble is probably really misbehaved. Thanks to my parents, He is always fantastic and still excited to work.

This is his work face… Very serious.

Noble has reached that stage where he knows what his vest means. As soon as I start putting his gear on, he immediately calms down and puts on his work face. While he does calm down, he still jumps for joy and starts pulling on my clothing so that we can go work. I love his enthusiasm.

Noble is the whole reason I wake up in the morning. When I have trouble sleeping at night, I always can count on his snoring to put me to sleep. I think it’s the vibration that I like… Trust me, there is a lot of vibrations. He snores like a pig. I love it!



Returning Home

fullsizeoutput_faFor the past month, I have been in the hospital trying to get my disability under control. It was a good thing, but I couldn’t have Noble with me. When you start training a service dog, you can’t help but bond with them. After a month or so, he/she becomes a part of you.

When I’m apart from Noble, it feels like I lost my arm. It was so hard to be away from Noble for so long. I was afraid that our bond wouldn’t be as strong when I finally got discharged. My worries turned out to be false because when I walked in to see Noble, he was licked me and hugged me until I fell to the floor.

He won’t let me out of his sight now and is always wanting to work. I’m still recovering, so I need him to get meIMG_1270 out and about. It’s so good to be home and snuggle with Noble whenever I want. I’m sleeping a lot better as well with the pressure of Noble on top of me.

He is also doing so awesome in his training. My dad took over while I was in the hospital and he did awesome. I took Noble to his first doctor’s appointment and he was amazing. he alerted me a couple time and responded exactly like he was supposed to. I was so impressed.

Nevertheless, I’m glad to be home and making my way to recovery with the help of Noble.

Owner Training

When you decide that service dog is the right option for you, you typically get on your computer and find a program that will train it for you. You may find a program that will help you out, but it is extremely expensive for the training of the dog. Even if you don’t have the issue of cost, you will be waiting years to begin training. Sadly, if you are not a veteran, autistic, or a minor, you won’t be a high priority.

Noble won’t let me go.

That is when you make the decision to train the dog yourself. The only problem is that you still have your disability to deal with on top of training this new puppy. Let me tell you what, it can be extremely difficult to manage at times. With a dog so young and still in training, you have to stay on top of the training.


I have been in and out of the hospital for the past couple months, so I

He has to know I’m not gonna slip away

haven’t been able to work him as much as I need to. Even when I’m not in the hospital, I don’t want to work him because I am just flat-out exhausted. Noble ends up getting the short end of the stick because not only has he not seen me in a week, but now he doesn’t get to do what he loves when I’m back.


My parents are often the ones to push to get back into routine with his training. Noble is awesome no matter how long I’m away from him, but he starts to develop bad habits that I have to break. The good thing is that after a good day of work, he and I are both welcome to the idea of a nap.

New Hair cut!

I guess the purpose of this post to educate you on the challenges of owner training. Even when you know what you’re doing, you still have the disability. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from training their own dog, but just getting you prepared for what you are going to be doing.


Alerting AND Responding

This past weekend was an interesting one. My family and I have moved and still moving. So, we went to the old house to do some cleaning and I brought Noble to help make a mess. I was in the basement with Noble and I ended up having one of my seizures.

I don’t remember what happened before the seizure, but I’m pretty sure he was alerting if I had paid attention. Anyways, my mom had come downstairs when she heard me and came to find Noble responding to the seizure. I haven’t worked with him on this yet, so he naturally knows what to do.

Seizure response is where he licks myface and lays on me to apply Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT). This helps me come out of the seizure much faster. Instead of my episode lasting 10+ minutes, it only lasted about 5 minutes.

fullsizeoutput_e2A couple days later, I was driving to work and Noble kept licking my face and leaning on me. I was getting annoyed because I was driving, so I just kept pushing him off me. Eventually, I realized that he was alerting me and turned around to go back home.

I am over the moon with excitement that Noble is naturally performing these tasks. This means that he will graduate to “Service Dog” status a lot faster. He will be amazing.



Lazy Dayzzz…

This past week has been a lazy one. I have not been feeling super great, so we were either at work or home this week. The good thing is that I have been working with Noble on bimg_1076eing outside his kennel. He is beginning to outgow his kennel at the shop, so I thought it was time.

I also took Noble to his first intermediate walking class yesterday. I was really nervous about him pulling the whole time because he is such a social dog, but he was amazing. It helps that I was a little more comfortable this time. img_1084

The class has 40 other dogs in it, and we work through the basic commands with the distraction of whining and excitable dogs. Noble was the youngest one there and just rocked it. I am so proud of him.

He has gone above and beyond my expectations. He is already alerting me to anxiety and responding appropriately. He is very chill… Most of the time, and happy to just sit and snuggle. I love all his quirks and now I wouldn’t be able to sleep without his snoring.

Seeing Results

Since I have been working with Noble on scent training, I have been paying a little more attention to his behavior. The other day, I was a having a mild anxiety attack without me realizing it and Noble reacted pretty awesomely.

I was sitting in bed working on my laptop while Noble was throwing around a bone on the floor. Then, he suddenly stopped and just stared at me. He sat there for a couple of minutes while I had him in my peripheral. Then, he whined and jumped up on the bed and started licking me all over.

I thought he was just being a brat and tried to push him off so that he wouldn’t scratch my computer. But then he kept going at it. That was when I realized that he was alerting me to my anxiety. After I finally understood, I put my laptop to the side and snuggled with Noble until my anxiety passed.

It’s pretty amazing how quickly dogs pick up on this kind of training. It’s like they can sense the importance of this task. It took me longer to train Noble to fetch than it has to scent train. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t close to being finished. But it is exciting to start seeing the results of your training.