Training Basics to a Puppy

For those of you who follow my Facebook Page, you know that I have started bringing Noble with me to work. The reason I have decided it was time to bring him to work was because he is pretty solid on basic commands and is up to dat on his shots. Now, I want to tell you all how I managed to train a 14 week old puppy the basics.

The most important part is patience. You can’t expect a puppy to learn the commands right away. The second most important thing is to keep it short. Puppies have an attention span of a two year old child (and is just as naughty). I spent the first three weeks focusing on Noble’s potty training and getting him to understand the difference between “good” and “no.”
Although, I did start to introduce him to the commands. So, I made him “sit” before I let him come inside or eat. I would also tell him “good bring it!” whenever he would bring me something and so on. Eventually, Noble began to learn what each command was and it was time to start training sessions.

Our training sessions are only 5 minutes long and it gives me enough time to run him through everything at least once. You also want to end the training session on a good note. So, when you are having trouble getting your puppy to “lie down” and run out of time without success, you have him/her do something that she knows. For Noble, I made him “sit” at the end and treated him. That way he walks away with training being a positive thing to do.

It takes a dog a month to be considered trained in whatever command you are working on. I have been working with Noble a little over a month and he is now reliable in the basics. So, it was time for a change of scenery… Time for him to come to work.


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