Basic Obedience Class

Noble has finally gotten his first rabies shot, so I can now put him in classes. I feel very strongly about putting your dog in a group basic obedience class even if your dog already knows the basics. The reason? I like the group setting.

Noble will be going everywhere with me. That means he will be exposed to all sorts of people, and most likely, all sorts of other dogs. Those are all potential distractions. So, I want him to be able to nail the basics with other dogs and their handlers in the room.

Noble sleeping after work

The more things that Noble is exposed to during training will make him a better service dog. I think that one of the things you would want to look into when searching for a program to train your service dog, is if they do group training. Keen was not trained in that kind of setting, so he would too excited when he would see another dog in public, and become wary of strangers. 

Noble will be starting his basic Obedience Class this Monday, so I am excited. He is at the stage where he is constantly testing me. Now, I can’t get him to stay in his kennel with the door open. It is very frustrating when I can’t get much work done because I’m constantly having to put Noble back in his kennel. 

Nevertheless, I’m sure we will make it past this stage. That doesnt mean I don’t get discouraged because I spent the entire day putting Noble back in his kennel. Sometimes I come home and wonder if I can even do this. Then, Noble comes and snuggles with me and the world makes sense again.

Going home after work…

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