Public Access

Well… Noble and I have been very busy. We are four weeks into his basic obedience class, so I decided to start working with him on public access while we were in the class. He has been out and about with me fifteen times now. I am extremely happy with how it’s going. I had to switch him to a pinch collar and it is working wonders.

The first day was pretty rough without the pinch collar, but now it is like he isn’t even there. Exactly the way it’s supposed to be. He is loving being out with me and getting a tons of attention (but not too much, mind you). He is doing fantastic in his class too. I will start to work on scent training here pretty soon, which is where he will alert me to anxiety or stress (my triggers for seizures). 

He still has the short attention span, so I haven’t gathered enough of my guts to start bringing him to church. Maybe, just maybe, this week will be the week? I dunno… I realize that I haven’t told you what public access is. Public access is the part of Noble’s training where he learn how to act in public. For instance, he can’t sniff the food in the grocery store or go looking for pets from people.

Ok… Now the best part… Pictures!! Here are photos from the past couple weeks.

Noble’s first shopping spree
Look at that smile

Noble is enjoying the snow
Noble is hard at work

Noble pooped after first romp in town

Noble pooped after first class


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