Noble Went To Church!

Well… I took Noble to church today. He did surprisingly well. I am very happy with his progress. I’m so freaking proud that I have excited butterflies. The good kind of butterflies. I think that part of the reason he did so well is because he hasn’t been out all week.

We have had about a foot or more of snow with -26 degree cold. I was more worried about making it home than getting him out to work. Due to him not getting worked, he has been extremely ornery and noisy all week. Which made me grumpy (and a little embarrassed) and an early bedtime for the both of us.

Tomorrow is the final class for Noble’s basic obedience. I am really excited to keep moving. After basic, we will move on to intermediate classes which is basic commands with a lot of distractions. After that, we will move on to advanced training which is off leash training…. Yay!

It seems that I have spent the past couple years waiting. Now things are finally moving in a direction that I can actually see and be giddy about. Sometimes I can’t help but laugh. 6 months ago, I would be in my bed shaking at the thought of snow on the roads. Now I’m more worried about how early I should show up towork, than my being able to get there at all.

I thank God every night for the way everything is turning out. There is no possible way that I could get Noble to do what he is doing now, without God’s help. 

Noble is just chilling out on the floor.

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