Scent Training

I have begun Noble’s scent training to alert me before a seizure occurs so that I can prevent it. It is fairly simple to do and Noble is all for it.

img_1058First, you have to mix a special treat for this training. I mixed some bacon treats and juicy ham with some of his dog food and let it marinate for a couple days. You don’t want to give your dog this special treat unless you are scent training so that they look forward to the training.

Then, I got two paper bowls and punched holes in the bottom of one and put the sample in between the two bowls. You make a sample by rubbing a cotton swab on your skin when you are having a seizure or have high/low blood sugar. then you can freeze them until you are going to use them.

Next, you have to decide what you want your dog to do for an alert. Some options are pawing your leg, licking your hands, touching their nose on you leg, making consistent eye contact, or whining/barking. I like Noble to lick me when he alerts because it isn’t painful obnoxious, and I hate it just enough that I will pay attention to him.

Now, all you have to do is give the command for what you chose as your alert (In my case it’s “lick”), and then throw a couple pieces of the dog treats into the bowl with the sample. You have to keep the training sessions short because the scent will only last for 5 minutes.

The goal is to get your dog so excited about that scent that they start drooling as soon as they smell it. That means you’re doing it right. I will keep working with Noble for the next month and he will hopefully have it down.


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