Seeing Results

Since I have been working with Noble on scent training, I have been paying a little more attention to his behavior. The other day, I was a having a mild anxiety attack without me realizing it and Noble reacted pretty awesomely.

I was sitting in bed working on my laptop while Noble was throwing around a bone on the floor. Then, he suddenly stopped and just stared at me. He sat there for a couple of minutes while I had him in my peripheral. Then, he whined and jumped up on the bed and started licking me all over.

I thought he was just being a brat and tried to push him off so that he wouldn’t scratch my computer. But then he kept going at it. That was when I realized that he was alerting me to my anxiety. After I finally understood, I put my laptop to the side and snuggled with Noble until my anxiety passed.

It’s pretty amazing how quickly dogs pick up on this kind of training. It’s like they can sense the importance of this task. It took me longer to train Noble to fetch than it has to scent train. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t close to being finished. But it is exciting to start seeing the results of your training.


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