Lazy Dayzzz…

This past week has been a lazy one. I have not been feeling super great, so we were either at work or home this week. The good thing is that I have been working with Noble on bimg_1076eing outside his kennel. He is beginning to outgow his kennel at the shop, so I thought it was time.

I also took Noble to his first intermediate walking class yesterday. I was really nervous about him pulling the whole time because he is such a social dog, but he was amazing. It helps that I was a little more comfortable this time. img_1084

The class has 40 other dogs in it, and we work through the basic commands with the distraction of whining and excitable dogs. Noble was the youngest one there and just rocked it. I am so proud of him.

He has gone above and beyond my expectations. He is already alerting me to anxiety and responding appropriately. He is very chill… Most of the time, and happy to just sit and snuggle. I love all his quirks and now I wouldn’t be able to sleep without his snoring.


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