Owner Training

When you decide that service dog is the right option for you, you typically get on your computer and find a program that will train it for you. You may find a program that will help you out, but it is extremely expensive for the training of the dog. Even if you don’t have the issue of cost, you will be waiting years to begin training. Sadly, if you are not a veteran, autistic, or a minor, you won’t be a high priority.

Noble won’t let me go.

That is when you make the decision to train the dog yourself. The only problem is that you still have your disability to deal with on top of training this new puppy. Let me tell you what, it can be extremely difficult to manage at times. With a dog so young and still in training, you have to stay on top of the training.


I have been in and out of the hospital for the past couple months, so I

He has to know I’m not gonna slip away

haven’t been able to work him as much as I need to. Even when I’m not in the hospital, I don’t want to work him because I am just flat-out exhausted. Noble ends up getting the short end of the stick because not only has he not seen me in a week, but now he doesn’t get to do what he loves when I’m back.


My parents are often the ones to push to get back into routine with his training. Noble is awesome no matter how long I’m away from him, but he starts to develop bad habits that I have to break. The good thing is that after a good day of work, he and I are both welcome to the idea of a nap.

New Hair cut!

I guess the purpose of this post to educate you on the challenges of owner training. Even when you know what you’re doing, you still have the disability. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from training their own dog, but just getting you prepared for what you are going to be doing.



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