Returning Home

fullsizeoutput_faFor the past month, I have been in the hospital trying to get my disability under control. It was a good thing, but I couldn’t have Noble with me. When you start training a service dog, you can’t help but bond with them. After a month or so, he/she becomes a part of you.

When I’m apart from Noble, it feels like I lost my arm. It was so hard to be away from Noble for so long. I was afraid that our bond wouldn’t be as strong when I finally got discharged. My worries turned out to be false because when I walked in to see Noble, he was licked me and hugged me until I fell to the floor.

He won’t let me out of his sight now and is always wanting to work. I’m still recovering, so I need him to get meIMG_1270 out and about. It’s so good to be home and snuggle with Noble whenever I want. I’m sleeping a lot better as well with the pressure of Noble on top of me.

He is also doing so awesome in his training. My dad took over while I was in the hospital and he did awesome. I took Noble to his first doctor’s appointment and he was amazing. he alerted me a couple time and responded exactly like he was supposed to. I was so impressed.

Nevertheless, I’m glad to be home and making my way to recovery with the help of Noble.


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