Noble post bike ride

Today, I decided to take Noble out for a bike ride. I used my hands free leash so that we wouldn’t wreck if he saw a gopher or something. He was happy as all get out to be doing something that would require his leash.

I pulled my bike out and got on with Noble on my right side. As soon as I started peddling, Noble switch to my left side. When I’m out in town, I like Noble on my left side so that he’s between me and people passing.

Him being on my left side was not gonna work because he would be vulnerable to t


raffic. So, I made “stay right” a command. With this command, I was able to have him stay on my right side while riding and while I was turning. He was most tempted to switch sides when we were turning, so I had to remind him of the command.
All in all, the ride was pretty darn good. We went about two miles, and the last stretch was him pulling me after a fox. Yes… That was probably a bad thing to let hi do, but I was tired and glad to be coasting. If you are like me and just too lazy to go for a walk with your dog, I would suggest utilizing that bike that’s hidden in your garage.


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